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Obstetrics and gynaecology Transcription Services - Sample

John Doe DOB: 02/16/1942

DOS: 03-05-05

This is a 60-year-old who presents today for evaluation. Overall, she is doing well. She continues on the Activella. She is hoping to wean, but when she does so, she struggles. We did discuss a slow wean, and she will go to every other day for months and then try to slowly wean thereafter. She has been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency, and she is being followed by her primary care physician. She is also having some coccygeal pain, but she will continue to travel to see her grandchildren in Pennsylvania. Women's Health Initiative was readdressed. Pros and cons of hormones were discussed. She is seeing an endocrinologist in the near future as she continues to feel tired. She is status post parathyroidectomy. Mammogram was ordered. Pap smear was performed. Rectal examination was performed. Hemoccult test was negative. We will arrange for bone density testing next year.

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